What Kind of Reasonable Monthly Return Should you Expect by Trading?

Chandan Gupta

This is almost an identical version to the first question. A parallel of this would be akin to the developing archer asking “What would be a reasonable score I should expect to hit in competitions with your schooling?”

How could anyone answer this? I have no idea of your risk profiles or tolerance levels, how you will perform, or more importantly progress over time, what systems you will trade, what pairs and on what time frames. I’m guessing even the Hal 9000 would not be able to answer this question!


In archery, if you are absorbed by the thoughts of hitting the bulls-eye, you will have difficulty hitting it consistently, if at all.


Because to hit the bulls-eye, you have to execute the technique correctly and with great precision. How can you be totally present and sensitive to all your movements, position, stance, breathing, release, etc. if all your thoughts are on hitting the center target?

You cannot, and this is the irony of both archery and trading. To hit the target consistently, you have to actually NOT think about it, but instead execute the technique with great precision and consistency. This in turn is what allows you hit the bulls-eye.

In trading it is the same. To make money consistently, you have to execute your edge, use proper money management, and be mentally focused in the moment to read the market and execute your system well. If you do, the result more often than not will be you making money.

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Last updated: 11/16/2023 19:18

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