The trading method, the one that suits you is the best!

The gold and silver thing

In the process of trading, there are many interesting things; many times the behavior of countless investors is ridiculous, but I can't laugh.

Someone asked, is gold bullish or bearish this year, and when will it reach 1900? This question looks quite level, but what does it mean for trading? First, I don’t know when it will reach 1900. Second, the time span of this year is too large; I tell you to be bullish, first drop 200 US dollars, and then rise up. If the closing annual line is red by the end of the year, such a rise can how? How to deal with the intermediate process is the most critical!

Someone asked, can silver still come down? I'm short at $13, is there a chance it will come out this year? I can only say that it doesn't matter whether you can come down in the future, your approach is already doomed to be a loser in this market. When you were 13, you had the courage to chase the short, why didn't you have the courage to gradually buy the bottom? Let me ask you again, why don't you set a stop loss after chasing the short, and have to wait for the market to rise before thinking about what to do?

Carrying orders once is very cool; carrying orders all the time is always cool. Carrying orders is a disease that can be cured; people have a fluke mentality, and feel that they can carry it back. If you carry it back once, you want to resist the next time; but you must know that even if you carry it back 99 times in this market, as long as you If you can't fight back once, you can say goodbye to the transaction.

At the beginning of each of my articles, there will be such a couplet: stop loss is always right, and wrong is also right; dead carrying is always wrong, right is also wrong. Hengpi: Stop loss is unconditional! I am always reminding myself and everyone who reads my article. Stop loss is also an art; I often say that there are two types of stop loss: manual stop loss and set stop loss. The two stop loss methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, which vary from person to person, so I won’t explain too much here.

Someone said, I want to do the midline; I said yes! So, we started to do the middle line. Last week, we shorted gold in the 1750 area. After entering the market, there was no direct drop, and the highest rebound was in the 1754 area; In the end, you survived. During the decline, you shouted to run, and the market fell in the first wave of 1720 area; after that, it stabilized and rose and then rebounded. The highest test was 1740. You were worried about profit taking, and you couldn’t bear it. You put the profit above 1730 After the market fell, we covered short positions at 1729, and when we fell below 1720, we still covered short positions at 1717, with the lowest drop in the 1694 area; we did not harvest at the lowest point, but we harvested most of the short orders below 1700 1750 single set 1712 protection loss. Then you told me that I really couldn't hold it, and I couldn't bear it mentally; then I asked you, why are you clamoring to be a center line with this mentality? Is 10 dollars called the midline? How big the pot is, how much rice can be laid; how strong the mentality is, can make more profits.

In trading, no one stipulates how to do it; what suits you is the best. I have a client who doesn’t need to call for orders, but only communicates with each other; he is very good at ultra-short-term, with at least 100 orders a day, and his profits are stable; there are also many mid-term clients who can hold positions on a yearly basis, and gradually buy crude oil below $10 , Hold the position to 31 US dollars before selling it; the long order of gold below 1400 in 2019 is still there. Everyone needs to find a way and method that suits them, instead of I want to do mid-term, I don't do short-term; there is no good or bad method, the best for you is the best, and the best is the one that can make a profit. But one thing is certain is that the mid-line is psychologically suffering, but not physically tired; the short-term is physically tired, but psychologically relaxed.

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Last updated: 08/25/2023 06:21

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