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In an exclusive interview with Economy Middle East, Shadi Salloum, regional director of XS.com in Middle East and North Africa (MENA), provides a deep dive into the company’s journey that has left a mark on the global finance landscape.

XS.com, a rapidly expanding brokerage firm that is redefining industry standards, has successfully gained industry attention, as well as established a strong reputation for excellence and innovation. In this enlightening conversation, Mr. Salloum elucidates XS.com’s comprehensive strategy within the MENA region, revealing their commitment to achieve excellence, and showcasing their innovative spirit to propel the company to success in the finance sector. This interview offers an insightful glimpse into XS.com’s meticulously crafted strategic vision for this dynamic and thriving market.

What is www.XS.com vision for its presence and expansion in the MENA region? What are your views on digital transformation and the evolving fintech ecosystem in the region?

Our vision for the MENA region encompasses a profound commitment to becoming the paramount financial services provider, renowned not only for its comprehensive range of offerings but also for its role in driving financial inclusion, innovation, and robust economic growth across the region. This vision is deeply interwoven with our global strategy. This involves delivering cutting-edge financial solutions while uplifting financial literacy and accessibility globally.

Aligning our goals in MENA with our broader global vision represents our commitment to leveraging our global expertise while effectively accommodating distinct regional market dynamics, cultural nuances, and regulatory frameworks.

We perceive the MENA region’s digital transformation as an exceptional and transformative opportunity. Our strategic blueprint is centered on utilizing advanced technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), to introduce pioneering financial products and services. Simultaneously, we are actively nurturing collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, and other ecosystem stakeholders.

Through these alliances, we aim to spearhead innovation and create dynamic synergy. This will help us enhance our offerings and contribute to the broader financial innovation ecosystem in MENA. Our vision is to be at the forefront of digital innovation. We seek to provide clients with technologically advanced and accessible financial solutions that empower individuals and businesses alike.

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What strategies does XS.com employ for expansion in MENA? How do they ensure scalability and adaptability to changing dynamics in this diverse region?

Our long-term strategic investments in technology and infrastructure underscore our unyielding commitment to scalability and adaptability. Moreover, these investments are directed towards the continuous enhancement and fortification of our technical infrastructure, cybersecurity measures, and trading platforms.

We recognize that as the MENA region experiences shifts in market dynamics, regulatory changes, and technological advancements, we must remain agile and resilient. These investments ensure that we can seamlessly accommodate the burgeoning demand for our services while remaining nimble in response to rapidly evolving market conditions. Thus, our clients in the region will benefit from a seamless and cutting-edge experience that is both secure and future-proof.

Our market expansion strategy within the MENA region is multifaceted. In addition, it is firmly grounded in meticulous research and proactive engagement. A key aspect of our strategy is the comprehensive understanding of the specific needs, preferences, and idiosyncrasies of diverse market segments within the region.

Furthermore, we emphasize the cultivation of robust local partnerships, collaborative ventures, and tailored offerings that resonate with the unique characteristics of each market. Our approach involves a blend of market penetration strategies, client acquisition initiatives, sustained growth in trading volumes, and client retention efforts, all of which are informed by our KPIs. These then guide our endeavors to explore emerging opportunities and, most importantly, deliver substantial value to our clients across the MENA region.

Our vision for the MENA region transcends traditional notions of financial services provision. We aspire to be a transformative force enabling individuals and businesses to participate and thrive within the global financial ecosystem. This lofty vision is underpinned by our commitment to fostering financial inclusion through the provision of accessible, transparent, and profoundly responsible financial services.


What is XS.com’s vision for sustainable business practices in the MENA region? How does it align with the company’s commitment to these practices globally?

XS.com’s vision for sustainable business practices in the MENA region reflects our deep sense of responsibility as industry leaders. At the core of our approach is active engagement with regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders. This drives our participation in the development and refinement of progressive regulatory frameworks. Additionally, we are dedicated to being thought leaders and advocates for policies that harmonize the imperatives of innovation with the essential principles of market integrity and safeguarding our clients’ interests.

Our commitment to sustainable business practices aligns seamlessly with our global mission to be a responsible broker. We take a comprehensive approach to sustainability. We address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations. In terms of environmental sustainability, we prioritize minimizing our ecological footprint through efficient resource management. We also adopt eco-friendly practices, and the integration of sustainable technologies into our operations.

On the social front, we actively engage in community development initiatives that enhance social well-being and contribute to the long-term prosperity of the MENA region. Moreover, our promotion of responsible financial practices is underpinned by a commitment to sound governance principles. We firmly believe that our dedication to sustainable business practices not only benefits the environment and society but also aligns perfectly with our mission to provide responsible financial services that prioritize client security, transparency, and market trust.

How does investing in human relationships as part of XS.com’s vision contributes to its long-term success?

Investing in human relationships as an integral part of XS.com’s vision plays a pivotal role in driving the company’s long-term success. Our approach to building strategic partnerships involves purposefully nurturing mutually beneficial relationships that generate value for all parties involved. We take proactive steps to engage with various stakeholders, including governments, banks, financial institutions, and other relevant entities, with the aim of aligning our objectives with the broader economic development goals of the MENA region.

Through these collaborative relationships, our focus extends beyond merely enhancing financial stability within the region. We are dedicated to actively promoting responsible financial practices that contribute to economic growth. Our overarching goal is to create synergies that benefit all stakeholders and make a positive impact on the overall prosperity of the MENA region.

Our commitment to human capital extends well beyond conventional partnerships. We understand that the depth of our relationships within the MENA region directly influences our ability to comprehend the intricacies of local markets, anticipate client needs, and deliver tailored solutions effectively. Our dedication to investing in human relationships creates a reservoir of trust, loyalty, and shared values that serve as catalysts for innovation, elevate client satisfaction, and ultimately drive our long-term success.

In summary, what is the message that XS.com aims to convey to its stakeholders in the MENA Region?

Our overarching strategic message is one of unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and responsible finance. We are dedicated to being a strategic partner that empowers the MENA region through accessible financial services, drives economic growth, and fosters financial well-being for all. Our vision is to be a transformative force that contributes positively to the region’s financial ecosystem, enabling individuals and businesses to thrive in the evolving world of finance. Our long-term success hinges on a holistic approach that integrates cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, responsible finance, and robust human relationships.

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