Uncovering the deal: Why is it so hard?

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Hello everyone, my name is Sun Hao. Today, we’re going to dive into a question I often asked myself when I first got into trading: “Why is trading so hard?”

heartbreaking numbers

Every weekend, I look at the trading "record" of the week and look at the negative sign before each number. It feels like I am going through a test. Watching my principal change from 10,000 to 5,000 and then to 2,000, I observed the countless profit opportunities contained in the market chart while witnessing the loss of my principal. "Is trading really that difficult?" I wonder if you have ever had such a moment?

The past that cannot be changed

Looking back now, it seems that I couldn't change the situation at that time. why? Because at that time, although I understood that I needed to learn knowledge about trading and investment, I did not take any practical actions. I blindly listened to the buying and selling advice provided by so-called "experts" and lacked my own analysis and judgment. I think since they are professional market analysts, their judgment will not be wrong. As long as I follow what they do, I can make money easily. However, after many bloody lessons, I realized that without my own thinking and trading strategies, it is impossible to achieve successful trading, let alone achieve financial freedom. I must find my own trading method that can make stable profits.

The story of meeting a successful person by chance

I still remember when I first got into trading, I was doing a travel survey at the airport for a consulting company. After completing an interview with a tourist, he left me a financial magazine with an exclusive interview with him. It turned out that he was the CEO of a large investment fund (I was completely dumbfounded at the time). No wonder he kept saying during interviews that he was not here to travel but to work. Obviously he told me that I visited many scenic spots, and then I realized that after making a good deal, I could travel and work at the same time. Really envious. Later, I read many stories of successful traders one after another, and I discovered that there are many ways to trade and invest, not just lying in front of the screen and watching the market.

This became the cornerstone of my "identified" approach to trading strategies. After learning about trading and investment, I judged my value based on whether I could achieve the lifestyle of that CEO, found the way forward, and then bravely pursued my dream.

embrace change

So, now if you think "Why is trading so difficult?" and feel that you can't find a breakthrough and want to give up, in fact, we just don't know that there are many trading strategies and methods. So study more and try more, and you will be able to find a method that suits you. Standing still and holding on to the old trading methods in your mind cannot be changed, just like you can't do the same job every day and expect your income to increase 10 times. Change is the way to make yourself better. Of course, action is the key to success! There is no such thing as getting something for nothing.

Okay, that’s it for today’s sharing.

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