How to Understand Fear and Greed in Trading

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First, many people do trading mostly by themselves, so they don't know what real trading is like.

If you think about it, from childhood to adulthood, the things you have learned in a stable way are basically taught by someone (except for a few talents), such as riding a bicycle, swimming, etc. Even if you are afraid of learning these things, someone will correct you , to appease your restless heart. We imagine a scene like this: learning to ride a bicycle, the father is holding the seat behind, and then the father feels that the daughter is almost ready, and gently let go of his hand, and the daughter shouts: "Dad, help me!" while riding smoothly OK. This is how a fearful heart that has nowhere to rest has been settled.


But most traders are self-taught, which leads to the second problem.  

Second, the energy of a mature trader is extremely expensive.

For a mature trader, energy = money. If you want such a person to counsel you, either you have given enough money, or you are a close relative, otherwise no such selfless person will take the initiative to comfort your heart, even if you talk about Zen, it just opens the door of convenience , He doesn't care if you can come in or not. But there are countless traders who only want a stable trading system, and their greedy heart is obvious, so there are even fewer experts who are willing to give pointers.  

Third, greed. Mostly because seeing others can make money, why can't I. They demand that 'good' things should be treated fairly to him, and 'pimples' should preferably grow on other people's faces.

Finally, when you don't care about the position of Youth Bean, the money made by others, or the gains and losses of every transaction, it is called the beginning of a trader.  

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Last updated: 09/11/2023 13:14

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