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Trading.live is an advanced streaming community focusing on investment knowledge-sharing&learning, which is a sub-brand of FastBull Group.


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FastBull.com is the world's up and coming financial information portal that covers FX, indices futures, stocks, crypto currencies, and commodities.
We provide top news, technical analysis, authors’ opinions, market data, quotes, charts, trading signals and other investment tools.
Our goal is to create easy access for traders and investors--helping them trade confidently with our alpha-driven financial insights.


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In BrokersView, you can find more than 2000+ forex brokers and 5000+ user reviews. Also, you can compare brokers with different dimensions like regulations, deposit & withdrawal, trading nment, etc and find the most suitable broker by different forex broker ranking lists.


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Fazzaco is a global leading B2B financial information platform that helps forex broker, crypto exchanges, stock brokers and brokerage solution providers find business partners.

Fazzaco's news coverage span from forex brokers, liquidity providers, white label providers, CRM providers, cryptocurrency brokers to exchanges, PSPs, bridge providers, and all the others whose businesses are relevant to the online trading industry. Fazzaco can help you reach out to the right partners and solutions and outperform the market by harnessing the power of our barrier-free connection and exact matchmaking features.​ 

Companies that are interested in expanding business can sign in at www.fazzaco.com free of charge or contact service@fazzaco.com for more information.

Daniel | FastBull

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Learn all about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and build your crypto knowledge net with Daniel.


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With expert analysis and insight, as well as a supportive community of traders, Prowave Edge provides the tools and resources necessary to make intelligent trading decisions. Our members have access to real-time market data, comprehensive educational materials, and personalized coaching from our team of experienced traders. Whether you're looking to learn the basics of Forex trading or you're seeking advanced strategies to help you improve your results, Prowave Edge has everything you need to achieve consistency. Don't waste any more time struggling on your own – join our community of traders today and start taking your trading to the next level! Contact us on Skype for more information.


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Kar Yong started trading with just a humble US$500 when he was only 21, and within 2 years, he managed to turn it into US$13,000. Owing to his success, he was featured on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia Money Mind: Young Investors, and awarded the Most Popular FX Trainer in APAC and the Top Forex Analyst in Asia by WikiFX in 2019 and 2022. Kar Yong was also awarded Best Digital Marketing Trader by TradingLive recently in 2023 and Malaysia Influential Educators recognition by Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara.

康帝 KanDi

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實戰派交易員,專研黃金/外匯交易超過16年以上,並從2012年開始實踐黃金/外匯的教育工作,舉辦了數百場的直播,培訓全球人數超過3600人。 我的交易策略,擅長透過籌碼面/基本面的分析,進行資產型投資! 教學理念:以專情、專一之心,用濃縮的方式,化繁為簡,讓有志透過投資翻身的學員,掌握頂級主力的投資脈絡,搭上交易的順風車;並透過實戰教學與學員共同討論、切磋,國際金融商品未來的走勢,以及合理的目標價格! 作為一位教育者,我希望透過完整、正確的指導,幫助學員少走彎路、精通財務、獨立分析、並從市場上取得成功。 目前是GoldenMountain Funds的創辦人/操盤手,以及FastBull.live的認證講師。


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Gero Azrul is a veteran trader who started trading in 2006. He has experienced many ups and downs in the market but has persevered and become consistent in making profits. His approach to trading is based on four critical checkpoints, including Trading Framework, Skillset, Start, Scale, Secure, and Asset Allocation in Critical mass. He believes that having a positive mindset, managing risks, and developing a suitable trading method are essential for success in trading. Gero also emphasizes the importance of the ability to survive, adapt, and grow in the market, and having a plan for wealth creation and asset allocation. His philosophy of GRIT and CANI highlights the importance of hard work, discipline, and continuous learning to achieve success in trading.

Chandan Gupta

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My name is Chandan Gupta and I am a Technical Analyst for the last 7 years.
My professional journey as an Analyst/Trader started with the crypto exchange Bitmex in 2014 with Bitcoin mailny when its price was roughly 340$.
I started my career as a P2P Crypto trader and started learning candle movements and trends all by myself.
Once I gathered enough knowledge I started looking for online tutors and mentors who could help me in understanding the charts in a more deep and technical way.
Till today i have worked as Technical Analyst / Trader in two Forex/Crypto Exchanges and as well I maintain my own prop trading portfolio.
I am basically an Institutional Trader where I look for Order Flows, Momentum, and Price Action. I love taking trades mostly on an Intraday basis.
My style of trading consists of Support/Resistance, Order Blocks, Trends, very little pattern findings, and Price Action.
I prefer mainly to trade in high volatility instruments 


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King’s Academy---创始人


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Võ Tiên Sanh là một chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực giao dịch ngoại hối. Anh cũng là một nhà đầu tư crypto cá nhân. Một nhà giao dịch Forex, một Blogger tại quanlyvon.com, tiensanh.com, KVBvietnam.com và chiadoitaikhoan.com. Tiên Sanh là một youtuber với hơn 20.000 người theo dõi, một trainer nổi tiếng. Anh đã tổ chức hàng trăm buổi live stream tại Broker Show, InfoFx, KVB price và huấn luyện trực tiếp hàng nghìn người tại việt nam qua các buổi học chuyên sâu “Săn Cùng Cá Mập". Anh là tác giả của quyển sách: FOREX SINH TỬ KỲ THƯ – cẩm nang giao dịch siêu hạng cùng cá mập. Hiện nay anh đang quản lý quỹ tại MyForexFunds và là một chuyên gia giảng dạy có chứng nhận tại FastBull.live

Simmi Goh

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擁有 10 年交易經驗的 Simmi 本身並不是金融背景出生,而是前國家運動員的身分。後來因為受傷進院,便開始研究投資。她在外匯領域的成功得歸功於她那一份謙卑好學的心態。因為沒有任何金融背景,她成功研發了一套實用性極高的獨門交易策略 – “Monday Blue”。Monday Blue屬於回調策略的一種,主要是在每個星期一市場平淡時候尋找機會,至今已有超過數千名學員聲稱被她所發明的這一整套”Monday Blue”獲利方程式深深影響。 更重要的是,她透過自律達到每年穩定獲利超過 100%。

Olatunji Tolulope

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Financial Market Analyst with over a decade of experience.
Privileged to have worked for a few respected Brokers in the industry (FXTM & HotForex) and rose to the Head of Training at HotForex Nigeria.
Helping New & Struggling Traders read & understand the Market like an open book for profitable trading.
As a Financial Market Analyst, I have been able to simplify the Business of FOREX Trading to the easy & straightforward understanding of the newbie.
Trading is about having a Trading Strategy for proper Entry & Exit, Risk Management to minimize losses & maximize profit while having the right Psychology of the business to better control the emotions.
Trading duration: Swing Trader (a few days), trading style: Price Action / Support & Resistance Trend Trader, Technical Analysis, etc
Embark on this journey with me and as your Mentor, I would assist in harnessing the skills needed to be successful in the FOREX Market.


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Focus on the world's professional finance Insight into the international financial situation Collect global financial information thinkmore Meet the profession and see the value


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