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Warren Takunda is a Zimbabwean-born trader and investment analyst who has been trading and investing in the financial markets for over 6 years. He started his career as an intern at a local brokerage firm in Dubai and worked his way up the ranks to become one of the most sought-after analysts in the region. Warren is highly sought after for his market insights, technical analysis skills, and overall investment prowess. He has also been quoted in various regional publications s. Warren currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates where he runs a trading and investment firm. (VergeCapital)


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Markus has been working in the financial sector since 1999, as a trainer and analyst. He is also a trader by the asset management Born Traders GmbH since 6 years now. Additionally he is responsible for his own trading and education service called "DowHow Trading". Usually, Markus' trading approach is based on the principles of Charles Dow, Richard Donchian and Richard Dennis. He is a pure trend follower and his trading rules follow logical entries and exits. Markus is teaching humanity and tries to make people happy with consistent trading success.


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BDD Venture(币懂懂):数字货币早期布道者,BDD Venture海外基金实际控制者,自有DC机房FIL算力占全球1%,BGB布道者。6年从业经验。擅长主流货币分析,趋势分析,日内分析,波浪法则,斐波拉契战法!

ETO Markets

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ETO Markets was established in Australia in 2013. We are renowned for our international online trading platform offering a wide range of derivative instruments in the forex, commodities, energies, and stock indices. Together with our affiliated companies, we provide strategic trading and investment solutions to our clients worldwide. Clients are served throughout more than 100 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceania. We are dedicated to build cutting-edge technology, online trading platforms and financial products to provide our clients the best trading experience.


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I'm a Forex trader with a 10-year track record and the proud creator of a growing YouTube channel with over 10,000+ subscribers. I've successfully tackled proprietary trading firm challenges on my first try and have a passion for teaching others. You can also join me on Discord and Telegram where I provide trading tips and signals, and offer one-on-one coaching to those eager to learn. Let's make trading simpler, together!


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I have an in-depth study of fundamentals, especially for the US dollar market. I'm good at short and medium-term trading by virtue of my profound financial theoretical knowledge and extensive practical experience.


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Hi there...I am Klejdi Cuni I have been working for almost 16 years in the banking sector, 13 of which in the Department of Treasury, Financial Analysis and Budget. Over the last 12 years, I have also worked as a private investor and Investment advisor. I am an expert in Technical Analysis regarding the advanced use of Elliot Wave Theory, Advanced Harmonic Trading, Fibonacci Tools, and Classic Technical Chart Patterns. Trading has been my biggest passion and I wanted to not only benefit from this knowledge but also help others. For this reason, I also created my own business called "Trading Puzzles" for beginners and experienced traders who want to learn and trade at the same time.


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A trader & investor of 7 years. Market addict in mostly FX and commodity markets. Big investor in mutual funds, property and property bonds.


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TFLOW is a Crypto Company that designs Trading Algorithms for Crypto Futures Trading. We produce the Market Monitor Broadcast and we analyze a 10 Crypto Coin portfolio with the use of our Trading Engine software. Learn more at www.tflow.ai

sean izzan

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Retail Trader Since 2015. Founder of Hypebest X-Change since 2019. Positive Proactive Empire that can Change Your Trading Results. Provide Sharp Daily Execution via Technical Analysis. Encourage and advice retail traders with proper money management and the Beauty of Compounding. "To Get Something You Never Had, Is To Do Something You Never Did."


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hai guys. want to join my group signal and support. can contact me on whatsapp or telegram. 📊📊📊 whatsapp: 60103177736 telegram: wan_GFM See you guys! 💙💙💙


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Everything Trading is your learning gateway to profitability with its free and paid trading tools designed to increase your chances of financial success. Get the edge you need to make money.


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Krugong, an expert in binary options trading in Thailand. since 2019 with high profitable techniques. Village is 85%, has more than 1000 students and is recognized in the country and abroad


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over 15years experience as a trader. the creator of the STR strategy which combines elliotwaves,harmonics and SMC in one strategy.


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Hai Everyone ! Im Khai_ro and this is Khai_ro guru trader channel for you to view about Trading Forex. Khai_ro guru trader one of the channel provide my strategies, tips, signals and indicators to help you to become consistent trader. Im working on becoming a better trader every day. I hope that my video or trade approach can help you achieve your goals . #xauusd#forextrading#sharpsharsoii#mga#khai_rogurutrader

golden engine

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spreading knowledge among us and to clarify the most important points of entry, exit and entry with more than 5 reasons We seek to spread understanding rather than make money
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