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FastBull.com is the world's up and coming financial information portal that covers FX, indices futures, stocks, crypto currencies, and commodities.
We provide top news, technical analysis, authors’ opinions, market data, quotes, charts, trading signals and other investment tools.
Our goal is to create easy access for traders and investors--helping them trade confidently with our alpha-driven financial insights.

Daniel | FastBull

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Learn all about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and build your crypto knowledge net with Daniel.


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BDD Venture(币懂懂):数字货币早期布道者,BDD Venture海外基金实际控制者,自有DC机房FIL算力占全球1%,BGB布道者。6年从业经验。擅长主流货币分析,趋势分析,日内分析,波浪法则,斐波拉契战法!


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证势交易由民间几位交易员共同发起,现管理资金大概三千万,主要交易 #Gold、#Eth合约、#Btc 、#A股、#Oil,证势交易全网累计约50万粉丝,分享交易我只分享干货 🛰:xhssf7788


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TFLOW is a Crypto Company that designs Trading Algorithms for Crypto Futures Trading. We produce the Market Monitor Broadcast and we analyze a 10 Crypto Coin portfolio with the use of our Trading Engine software. Learn more at www.tflow.ai


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I am from Shanghai, China, graduated from the Financial Department of Xi'an Jiaotong University of Shaanxi and CFA franchise financial analyst association qualification.Thirteen years of financial transactions real warfare, based on technical analysis and data analysis, proficiency trend, support pressure system, have a complete set of volatile body.Automatically quantized hedge transactions with all intelligence and bring you to the global financial market.As chief analyst of Shanghai's famous asset management company and Shanghai's leading private equity fund company, the director of UBB investment bank in KualampurKualampur's well-known treasure fund operating director.Both companies cooperate with Tenninhei Reinsurance Corporation in Germany.Life Speech: Resistant lonely, can keep prosperous.


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Master of Economics, 8 years in the financial industry, CFA holder, joined HSBC (Hong Kong) Bank in 2013 after graduating from the University of California, the USA in the Investment Research and Markets Department. With years of financial market experience and trading experience, having provided excellent investment advice to many brokerages, entity derivatives importers, and clients in Greater China.


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我的频道关注比特币新闻和比特币价格波动,以及比特币的合约市场。每一个视频我都会为新手做严谨的技术分析,并把我对市场情报的解析告诉大家。 我还会给大家讲解WTT创建的自然交易理论,手把手的教大家学习及使用这套新颖且优秀的交易技术。 订阅我的频道,让我们一起参与这个伟大的金融进化革命! 商务联系:esxeth


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陌路老师18年入圈,一直玩到现在,在币圈摸爬滚打,一路走过来,有非常丰富的实战交易经验,家人们可以进入陌路老师的社群,一起开心学习,一起快乐赚钱! 【推特】https://twitter.com/btc_uuu 【电报】https://t.me/+fF2l4oftWVo2OGQ9 【YouTube】https://www.youtube.com/@strangerhero/videos 上面3个链接是陌路老师的,都可以关注下,进入陌路老师社区电报群,每天早上第一时间发行情分析与合约交易策略~


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Samrat is a seasoned Tech + Strategy consultant. He has been in the crypto and Blockchain space since 2014. He is presently the Regional Head of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and a member of the Project Governance Board at EEA. He is the Co-chair of Baseline Protocol, a data synchronization protocol co-founded by Microsoft, E&Y, and ConsenSys. He is a Node Operator at Baseledger.net, which is a zkp-ready L1 Blockchain driven by UBT tokens. He has run a weekly YouTube live show for the past 1.5 years. He is also a guest columnist at The Economic Times, India's largest news daily with over 8mn+ daily views. Samrat made several public appearances as a crypto and Blockchain expert at various prestigious events and news channels.

Joe Damien

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Joe Damien has been trading for more than 7 years now.He is a technical analyst for several financial institutions. He has been writing for several well-known websites such as dailyforex.com. His trading style is based mainly on price action and market structure. Beside that He does mentoring sessions for traders to help them become consistently profitable.

Stas Serfes

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This is a channel fully dedicated to the stock market, investing, personal finance, and entrepreneurship. You'll find videos on hot topics in the stock market, trading updates, market updates, stock strategies, money management, and more! Vlog style videos will be sprinkled in once in a while as well! Hope you enjoy and find value in the content!
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